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Ashura is a 10 day festival in the Islamic month of Muharram and marks one of the most important days in the Shi’a calendar. Sunni and Shi’ites differ in who them believe should be the Caliph. This festival marks the time when Husayn ibn Ali (the grandson of the Muhammad whom Shi’a consider to be the rightful 3rd Caliph, being of Muhammad’s family) and 72 companions died on the battlefield in AD 680. Husayn died in "revolt" against Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan (the second Caliph of the Umayyad dynasty).  Husayn and his followers alleged that Yazid was going against the teachings of Muhammad and changing the sunnah.  After the companions were all killed, their bodies were mutilated.  And Shi’a symbolically, in mourning, remember this during Ashura.  Not all Shi’a scholars approve of the blood-letting and many claim it violates Islamic law.

Sunni Muslims

For Sunni, Ashura has a vastly different significance.  When Muhammad saw the Jews fasting during Yom Kippur (day of attonment), he did likewise, and Muslims claim that this shows that Islam continues in the observance and spirit of Judaism and Christianity.  In addition, according to Islam, God performed many miracles in the Bible on this day.  There is no authoritative Islamic saying or tradition on this in Sunni Islam.

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  1. M.Saeed.Fayyaz  

    this photoes belong to a very little numbers of Shi’s that act against the majorities Fatva(order) of grate Islamic scholars(al-olama) that count it as forbiden(Haram).This is a pure propaganda against Shi’a.

    1. admin    

      The article specifically says that many scholars proclaim that it is against Shari’a, but you cannot dispute that there are still many in Islam who practice this. The photos provide sufficient evidence that there are crowds and parades of people doing this.

      This is not propaganda against Islam but rather educating people about Ashura and the various views from the sects.

      In contrast, the God of the Bible forbids his people from cutting themselves for the dead (Deuteronomy 14:1).

  2. SHIMA    

    hello dear freinds
    ofcoure these photos do not tell us truth obout islam.these people are from small group of muslims that do not know real islam.****muslims are not allowed to hurt themselves or anybody**** by enything even by eating harmfull foods. because body is a Gift from God.ashura is a day for muslims to think about Human values and Commemoration.

    1. admin    

      I is already noted that not all Muslims believe that this permitted. However, it is a lie to say that Muslims are not allowed to hurt themselves or others. The example of Muhammad clearly shows that he permitted and encouraged violence against others for no other reason than they weren’t Muslims or because they objected to Muhammad’s violence.

      The whole reason that Shi’a celebrate/mourn the way the do is because some Muslims decided to kill other Muslims for not believing the same thing and rebelling against it. Hussein was a violent rebel and died as a rebel; the Shi’a celebrate this fact. Their bodies were then mutilated by the "true" Muslims. This is a fact.